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1981 - 2022: Over 40 years at your service 

Major players in men's accessories in France for  professionals retailers, MOD'CRAVATE and CRAVATES BEVERLEY have been developing a collection of men's fashion accessories for more of 40 years.

Founded in 1981, MOD'CRAVATE has evolved into a global range of accessories for retailers and wholesalers with a permanent stock of ties, belts, scarves, pocket squares, suspenders, bow ties,  tie clips , cufflinks, socks...

In 1990 CRAVATES BEVERLEY was created to meet the specific needs of chain-store: pre-season collections, manufacturing in compliance with technical, social and ecological rules.


MOD'CRAVATE and CRAVATES BEVERLEY have based their development on respect for customer service, quality control, artistic creations that follow the trends of the season.

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