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Founded during the Great War in 1917 by Madeleine and Louis JAMAIN, the LOUIS JAMAIN company produced buttons for the military uniforms of the French armies.

The need for buttons for uniforms having diminished after the end of the war, the company diversified and then specialized in the production of cufflinks.


LOUIS JAMAIN created, in addition to its collections for blouse-dressers, costume rental companies and retailers, models for luxury brands according to very strict specifications.

Last of the Mohicans of his profession,  LOUIS JAMAIN has remained to this day the only French specialist in high-end quality cufflinks, Mr. BOUTRY retiring in 2022.


After the death of Mr and then Mrs JAMAIN  , LOUIS JAMAIN was taken over by the great-nephew of the founders, Philippe BOUTRY.

Under his leadership, the LOUIS JAMAIN brand developed in France and internationally thanks in particular to the presence of the brand in international trade fairs and its remarkable know-how.


The top-of-the-range specificity, the quality in design and manufacture and the LOUIS JAMAIN brand must not disappear after more than a century of existence.

This is why, being attached to the historical know-how of the professions of men's clothing accessories, the LOUIS JAMAIN brand joins our company within which it has a legitimate and complementary place to our range of quality fashion accessories.

We continue to manufacture on demand and specific products in addition to permanent collections.

LOUIS JAMAIN   products are available in our catalog

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